About Us

The GoDown is a stylized, contemporary warehouse-like space brimming with a vast array of lifestyle home décor from re-found discoveries to new, contemporary furnishings and home accessories - everything in the store is for sale. The concept brings wares to people through a collection of unique items found from all over the world that will be loved each day for a lifetime.

Audrey Lee, co-founder of The GoDown and an interior designer, was always in search of that one special piece to complete a project or simply when re-decorating her own home. She met co-founder Annie Pham, owner of Bathe Store during her travels, and they had the idea to make available and accessible unique home decor finds for residents of Singapore and travelers from abroad in a cool, fun boutique space. And that's when The GoDown was conceived.

Historically "godowns" were warehouse spaces in East Asia during the age of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th and into the 20th centuries designed for the loading and unloading of goods in transition to and from all parts of the world. And today, The GoDown keeps true to its namesake - a retail space with unique collections of hand-selected home furnishings and décor accessories that mix genres and tastes but always spell the ultimate in the now.

The retail store in Singapore features new collections from antique to contemporary items each month from homewares, accessories and decorative furnishings. The GoDown is also a versatile conceptual events space comprising a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, studio and pop-up space. Perfect for hosting workshops or private parties. Enquire with us for details. 

What's here today is gone tomorrow, so get down to The GoDown!